Igniting Our Mission: The Campaign for Fordham Prep

Proposed Building Expansion

The men of Fordham Prep have embraced their role in the world. From poets to governors; from captains of industry to relief workers; from soldiers to priests – the Fordham Prep tradition is as diverse in practice as it is singular in mission.
We honor those upon whose shoulders we stand but, more importantly, we hope to shape the lives of those who will inherit and care for our great tradition.

This is the moment to significantly augment the Prep’s ability to reach out to all who seek our educational experience – regardless of their financial resources. Simply put, Igniting our Mission will create and strengthen a series of interrelated programs that will demonstrate that the Prep continues to educate “the whole person.”  This Campaign is a bold and innovative initiative that will place the Prep on an even steeper trajectory as it will:

  • Dramatically impact the educational experience of current students and future students.
  • Ensures that a Fordham Prep education will remain accessible to all academically qualified young men.
  • Accelerate our ability to make bold programmatic, endowment and facilities investments.

Since 2015, the campaign has raised nearly $50 million dollars for three areas:

  • Endowment: $23 million
  • Capital Enhancements: $10 million
  • Annual Support (Current Use): $17 million

“My wish for you today is this. Someday when you are old you will look back on a life well lived – secure in the knowledge of having been a good husband, good father, successful in your chosen profession and a proud graduate of Fordham Prep.”

– Bruce Bott ’59