Campus Enhancements

Parents and students are more discerning today when they consider options for secondary school education, especially in judging the quality of campus facilities and amenities.

The Prep takes a long-view and strategic perspective with respect to campus enhancements. We will act from a position of strength rather than engage in “patch-work” or “quick-fix” solutions which are often short-term and short-sighted.

During the 2014-15 School Year, the Facilities Committee of Fordham Prep’s Board completed a comprehensive needs assessment program with the assistance of professional architectural services and input from faculty and staff.

The Board then approved a long-term Campus Enhancement Plan.  The Plan details several work packages and projects which are central to the vision and initiatives of the Prep’s Igniting our Mission Campaign.

As opposed to using debt to finance capital projects, the Board approves such work only when 90% of the cash necessary has been received.  In shorthand, we refer to this policy as the “90% rule.”

To date, thanks to generous donor support, we have invested over $4 million to implement Rowen Athletic Field, the Commons renovation, and the new entranceway and lobby as part of our Campus Enhancement Plan:

At this juncture in our Plan, we turn to enhancements in the east wing of our building, in order to upgrade the quality and size of classrooms, build a new chapel, develop a counseling center and improve both faculty and  administrative work areas.